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Homes for Sale in Colorado Springs

Tips for Finding Investment Homes for Sale in Colorado Springs   We often have the opportunity to speak with new investors as they begin their journey into the world of real estate investing. Many of those conversations end with them asking for our best advice on real estate investing. And we most always share with […]

Value-Add Real Estate

MOST BUYERS DON’T REALLY WANT VALUE-ADD REAL ESTATE   When investing in property, commercial real estate investors tell us they want to look for a “value-add” investment. A value-add real estate investment is when the property is under-performing in some way and the investor can improve the property in order to improve the value. In […]

Wholesaling Real Estate in Colorado Springs

Warning for Homeowners of Real Estate in Colorado Springs     Long-time Homeowners May be a Target The term “assigning transactions” may not currently carry much weight within your need-to-know vocabulary. But it has carried the weight of much frustration and financial loss to recent victims of what is quickly becoming an unscrupulous real estate […]